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music is the heartbeat of what we do

let's move together

Welcome to Knoxville's first all-inclusive barre, dance cardio and indoor cycling community. We offer pop up fitness classes for all fitness levels!

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one nation.
one community.

One Nation Spin & Sculpt is a pop-up fitness community in Knoxville that offers indoor cycling, barre, and dance cardio classes. Our goal is to create a unique and challenging experience for each class. Our founders, Rebecca and Meagan, have curated each class to be like nothing you have ever experienced. Join us and become part of Knoxville's first indoor cycling, barre & dance cardio community.


movement for everyone

Our Methods


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With mindfulness in movement, you will experience a class that will sculpt and tone your muscles through small and large ranges of motion. This full-body workout will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and more in touch with how your body moves. You will need a yoga mat and will be barefoot.

dance cardio

This workout is for everyone and you do not have to be a dancer to succeed in this workout. You will find motions similar to barre with cardio intensive sections in between. Think step-clap, step-clap. This workout is done with a yoga mat while wearing tennis shoes.

indoor spin

We love a good beat drop that we can dip our elbows to! Experience a high-energy, low impact workout that will leave you feeling stronger than when you walked in the door. This is a full body workout that will help you build your cardiovascular strength. You will need SPD cycling shoes, but we do offer shoes with your class if you don't have them.


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